We are listening to the market needs and work closely with distributors, integrators and consultants to bring perfect solutions with a focus on ease of fully integration to the market. With 10 branch offices and 40 representatives spread all over the world, Xavtel is able to serve and support its customers on a professional level.


The Senator Conference System provides the best of both worlds in installation, flexibility and performance. While utilizing a single CAT6 cable, up to 512 microphones per processor can be daisy chained and powered. But, despite the cost saving daisy chain configuration, each microphone can still be individually processed for EQ, AGC, etc. The key to making this possible is Xavtel’s high speed data network which allows the user to store each microphone’s settings in the processor and pull up those settings only when the microphone is engaged. 


Other products like Mira™ offer full HD Video & Audio over IP. Using Xavnet™, a redundant ring Network (1Gbit), or the star wired (AVB) network (1Gbit). Up to 420 audio channels can be sent over the 1Gbit network, including 32 channels of full HD Video (1080p) with a latency of 1ms!

MIRA System

With Xavtel, you can expect innovative solutions, excellent audio & video quality, and ease of fully integration and installation. We are happy to welcome you as our customers, so please contact us at your nearest location.