XeronVision’s ultimate value is human being. Our mission is to create unlimited energy of positive loop that entails individuals growing amidst the XeronVision and those individuals growing the companies in turn. XeronVision’s goal is to ensure co-prosperity of all the individuals, groups and companies that journey along with us based on this type of positive loop unlimited energy.

We are a vision system specialized group that provides industrial/security image related products, systems, and infra services. We are building diverse products, ideas, sharing market information and amassing knowledge of high value added services and technologies based on the close networking with various developers and manufacturers from all over the world.


SECUBEST founded in 2007, is a leading security camera manufacturer and planning to be security solution provider in the end. We are dedicated to developing new technologies and securing our customers' happiness as well as their satisfaction with good quality of the products and service. Since its inception, Secubest has been steadily developing its range of technology in all round of the CCTV Solution from Analog, HD-SDI to IP solution. We assure you that we will continue cultivating new technologies and improving our products for superior customer experiences.
In addition, we promise to remain open to make quality-assured and market-competitive products as our goal of the business. 


Topview Optronics Corp, spun off from Topco Technologies Corp in 2010, have been providing the world's top brands with OEM/ODM services comprising the highest standard surveillance cameras along with peripherals in designing & producing fields for decades long. As a top leader in the camera surveillance industry of Taiwan, Topview Optronics is leading the way of state-of-the-art technologies with future-oriented global vision to meeting every customer's expectations and well adapting into international overall demanding markets.
Not only equipped with cutting-edge technologies, Topview Optronics also dedicatedly spares no efforts in energy saving and environment protection issues to offer more durable and eco-friendly products. Having been certified by numerous credentials such as ISO 14001, ISO 9001, Six Sigma and RoHS, Topview, with the core value of strong desire to learn and develop the latest knowledge with information, will constantly move forward to fulfill variable & challenging needs from every customer, and, most importantly, to make a better and safer world for our next generation in the future.


Altasec Technology Corporation provides the most comprehensive standalone Full HD network video recorder, SDI digital video recorder technologies to the global market.
Altasec Technology Corporation is committed to conducting business with integrity and passion. It maintains a reliable and close relationship with clients, partners, and employees to deliver a cutting-edge solutions and products to the global market. We remain to be proactive-thinking and utilize our resources in order to meet our long-term goals.
Altasec Technology Corporation specialized in professional video solutions for surveillance and remote monitoring. The product range includes IP Solution, Analog Solution, HD-SDI solution and a full range of accessories.